Surajya Udyamam in Poolakunta village

Loksatta Rayadurgam started Surajya udyamam in Poolakunta village under the leadership of Babu garu. A meeting was held in the village to understand the problems of the villagers. Babu garu talked to the villagers and reiterated the importance of surajya udyamam to curb corruption in the society. He said devolution of power to local governments, empowerment of citizens and establishing a political culture that is free from criminals and political dynasties is needed for attaining a surajyam. He called on everyone to join the Surajya movement to  help realize a corrupt free society.

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9 Responses to Surajya Udyamam in Poolakunta village

  1. please sir mana youth kosam edyna cheyyadi sir.. memandaram me vente untam sir….]

  2. narsing says:

    Good lessen for bludy rogs

  3. Yashwanth kumar says:

    We’re with u

  4. satyasujith says:

    how to join in you….?

  5. Suresh says:

    I Strongly support for this , Lets make it together

  6. Hello sir, we will also put our hands on your shoulder. Make something to stop the bloody prostitute politics in our country. We will also help to do something from my side.


    anaalani agali mana desam marthunde ani avinethe kala aduruga kanpadina benz car lo band pete kotha peli kodkuni thesukochinatu bayatki thesu ku vacharu de ni apadam avri vala kda ante thapu avthunde mqana vala mana lante youth val lets change our india put our hands together

  8. vutkoori venkatesh says:

    Hello sir iam also join in our organisation we will build a better socity for ever iam avilable with

  9. vasu says:

    i always with u brithers.

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