Surajya Udyamam kick started in Rayadurgam…

Loksatta Rayadurgam convener, Babu garu,  formally started the Loksatta Surajya campaign in Rayadurgam.

The aim of the Surajya campaign is to:

  • Eliminating the pervasive and monumental corruption from our society and replacing the notoriously kleptocratic governance culture with a truly citizen-centric one
  • Establishing a political culture that is free from criminals and political dynasties
  • Ensuring equitable access to quality education, healthcare, and employment opportunities to every citizen irrespective of their position at birth
  • Elimination of societal discrimination based on caste and creed, and providing genuine opportunities for vertical growth to all sections of society
  • Ensuring true devolution of power to local governments, and empowerment of citizens
  • Ensuring access to speedy and affordable justice to all sections of society and restoring the rule

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